What would be best thing to remove stains from Turmeric powder on linens , shirt as well as Sofa ?

have white linen sheets now with orange stains due to the turmeric powder I have been applying to area of my back and I thought it would wash off okay enough in shower, but apparently not, and also noticed the cushion for my sofa has a bit of orange residue on it too. as well as the shirts that I have worn.


lol what the hell did you do with it?, I would make a gritty paste with baking soda and water then rub it in, leave it a while and try to wipe off ... other than that than I'd use washing up liquid


Ouch. Turmeric is pretty damn tough to get out unless you're cleaning as fast as it spills. Try baking soda with water, then rubbing it with a sponge onto the stain. Let it sit, rinse, and then repeat.

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Google and read.