Can anyone help tell me what this is?


Tad Dubious

That's a spool of red ribbon, probably used at Christmas. See the star on the table? That's a good supporting hint.


its red.


It is to tie boxes together & bags. Cargo down on trikes & motorcycles. Most stores have a roll here. Looks like a plastic ribbon. You buy a box of goods they use that to tie the box shut & make a carry handle. Ask for some extra to tie it down on the back of your motorcycle. I save some. Just used some yesterday to tie small limb trimmings together to move. Use some to tie cargo down on the roof rack of my vehicle.


plastic like something.

SSP Bowl Dude

Looks like a jar wrapped in cellophane strips or a spool of cellophane strip that is messed up.


A fruit roll up? I am not sure but I hope you figure out what it is


Maybe next time you can post a shittier picture and provide even less information. Where did you get it? Or where did you find the picture - if you didn't take it? How big is it? What does it feel like? Is it an entire roll of something or is that just the outside and it's empty inside - or is there something else in there? You know - stuff like that.


a plastic blanket


yes but you have to tell me what is this


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