Insulation asbestos help?

If I walked on pink or yellow insulation accidentally and the glass fibers are attached to my feet and I walk along the rest of my carpeting, will the fibers drag along my carpet from my feet or just remain at the bottom of my feet?


Glass fibre is not asbestos. Yes you may transfer fibres from one surface to the other as you walk on them.


Asbestos is either white, which is pretty harmless or brown which is a bit doubtful, or blue which is harmful to humans; Pink or yellow or green is something else, John Alden is right as usual, regards, Bob UK.

John Alden



There won't be asbestos in fiberglass insulation.

John P

As far as I know, asbestos was never used as floor insulation in any part of the world. Glass fibre is not asbestos. Glass fibre is not good to have on your feet or on any part of your body, it can get under your skin and feel very itchy. Seeing that you seem uncertain about flooring materials, you should get a local builder to look at the floors and advise you.


First it was no accident. Insulation is glass fiber, not asbestos. Wipe shoes with a wet rag and launder it as usual. Vacuum the carpet, done.

Spock (rhp)

does this matter? just hoover it up


Why not both?