Is It Bad To Keep Fairy Lights On for a Long Period?

I'm a freshmen in college, first time living on my own, so I don't know a lot about "common" things I decided to hang fairy lights in my room, and at home I couldn't keep them on long because of electricity bill, etc. I don't have to worry about that at school, but what I am worried about is will it damage the lights to keep them on long? I know that after a period of time, regular light bulbs simply stop working (I guess?) and u have to replace them. Is that the same with fairy lights? Since they're intended for decorative use I wasn't sure if they go out as easily or anything? Sometimes I'm out late so Ill turn them on just to come back to, though I was considering having them on when no one's in the room, just to have a soft glow to come back to. is it best that i only turn them on when light is needed rather than as decor?

Karen L

All lights stop working eventually. They'll stop working sooner if you use them more. Fairy lights these days are most likely LED and use very very little electricity. What will happen, sooner or later, is probably that individual bulbs will burn out and you can't replace them. It's up to you to decide when enough bulbs are gone so they don't look so decorative any more. Sometimes the whole string goes at once.