Is it weird if a girl wants to decorate your house and bedroom?

i m going to be getting my own place and my friend wants to decorate my whole house and she wants to even decorate my room i don t know if that is weird


It’s a hobby for some people to just decorate and organize for fun!


Not really alot of girls enjoy decorating. If shes not a close friend it's a bit weird


I think you should decide for yourself whether you what someone else to decorate your house. I personally love to decorate my house. I think of it as artwork. I have friends who come over and give me ideas or help me do my ideas, like painting or gluing wallpaper to a wall. I wouldn't give up my opportunity to play at house decorating, unless you really don't have a clue and you like her house. Get and keep veto power so you don't end up with a purple striped kitchen.


she is a cute sheila instincting to build a nest you will be a papa before you can say 'lets order some pizza,dear'

westville sal

It's your place. You can decide for yourself.


it does sound weird, if you dont want her to do it just say no

Spock (rhp)

oh, it's wonderful. She's wanting to practice. she also likes you


It is normal, I actually had a woman in college try to decorate my dorm room after the first date! Watch out for the side effects of her trying to control you and train you. Women will actually turn you into something they they themselves are turned off by, if you let them. Then they will leave you because they are no longer attracted to you. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. Do not ever let it become “her place”. Both because she will lose her attraction for you, and the state will award the house to her in a divorce, if it ever comes to that.


She's having a nesting instinct. I say go for it. She'll probably do a good job.




she wants D


That is very weird.


No. But I would watch out. Sounds controlling.


Then open up your mouth and tell her 'thanks but no thanks'.

Blue nose

Seems like it




She can help, but you should choose the decor. If she's trying to influence you, she probably wants to move in.

John P

She wants to impose her ideas on your place. If you are happy to let her do so then let her. Otherwise, keep to your ideas, and tell her to decorate her own place if she wants to try out new ideas!


tell her there is a place for her in the backyard, the dog house.

I care

She has more planned than you realize......If not ready for a commitment than say no to all of them. Look through magazines at the area library and find your own wants and plans. Good luck

mike m

If you are banging her, I'd give her some input, but would want to get her ideas before doing it permanantly. If just a friend, all I would let her do is give me her input on suggestions, but I'd have to agree with her that her ideas are better than what I was thinking.


Most females love to decorate anything and everything. I strongly suggest you do NOT let her decorate... she will become very territorial inside your house and that leads to arguing, hurt feelings, yada yada.


It's not weird. She sounds excited for you and sees the potential that your place has. I wouldn't let her do anything unless you both sat at the table and decided if you're on the same page with preferences.


She is starting a process of living with you. Has she gone grocery shopping for you yet? Started cooking? She wants to get rid of all the furniture that is connected to other women. Like the mattress you are sleeping on. She wants her mattress.

Common Sense

No, it is not weird that a friend wants to help you decorate your house. Not weird at all. Some people have the talent and creativity to decorate, just like other people have dinner parties to cook for their friends. It is all about sharing their talent while being happy to do something they are passionate about and sharing it all the while. Sounds like a win-win situation for the both of you....she gets to express her creativity and you get to enjoy it!!! If you want to go through with having the help, make sure you are part of the process. The key element in having someone decorate your home is that they listen to your desires, needs and your taste so you have some choices in the end result.


it does sound weird, if you dont want her to do it just say no

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Do you like pink ruffle curtains...