Shower Door Hits Rainshower Fixture. Solution?

Hired a construction firm specializing in remodeling bathrooms to do our master bath. Gutted glassed shower stall to make a bigger one--new tile, new fixture: a shower bar with attached rainshower head. Job is done. Problem: both the shower bar and the new three sided glass enclosure (which includes the door) is higher than we thought it would be. (i'm 6 feet and i can barely reach the top of the glass with a squeegee.) It looks great, but...when you open the door inward, it hits the rainshower head about 16-18 or so inches in. The door is about 4 inches higher than the fixture. We picked the fixtures out, but we had nothing to do with measuring for the custom glass door and enclosure. The obvious answer is, don't open the door inward. But opening inward has been habitual and we've hit the rainshower head several times already. We have to train ourselves not to do what comes naturally? So it comes down to accepting a situation we don't like or asking the builder to redo the job and eat the cost. That potentially means another glass enclosure (the cost was $2000). Is this something the builder should have foreseen? Would anybody else have no problem with the status quo and just say, hey, nothing is perfect? Is it common for shower doors to hit rainshower fixtures? Possible solutions?


Few people open a shower door inwards, you have one of the reasons (that there is rarely enough room inside) and the other is that doing so will get the outside of the door wet as well as the inside. Fit a stop to prevent this being done. Simple.

Spock (rhp)

ask the builder if the door only can be taken off and have a foot removed from the top edge. While this is difficult to do with tempered glass [which this almost certainly is] I believe it is possible. next solution idea: replace just the door with glass a foot shorter next idea: add a strip inside the door [on the side without the hinges] that prevents it from opening inward. fine place for a seal that keeps water in.


Put a stop so the door cannot open inwards. I am surprised the contractor did not include that when making the door and frames.


Put a sharp bend in your shower plumbing and raise the head above the door. Use the crook in the plumbing to hang your wash rag on when you have finished showering.


You might be able to cut away just enough glass so it clears the head.