We have a cider block building that in the past was used as a garage. We would like to turn it into a home......?

We would love to have log or similar for a cabin. Would we be able to do this with a cider block building? If so, what would be steps and do you have any helpful advice.


You would have to research this, but to add some type of wood siding to the outside of the block, you will need to add a vapor barrier and then wood slats to attach the siding to. You can also add ridged foam insulation between these slats to add "R" value to the walls.

No Mercy

does "cider" mean CINDER? mostly all houses are made of cinder blocks, nothing special about them. just put plaster and paint


I hope you mean "Cinder" blocks since "Cider" is a drink made from fruit. The first thing you need to do is talk to the zoning authorities where you live and see what their requirements are for turning that building into living quarters.


Build it out of apple wood, then they would be “cider blocks” lol!