What should I do about a porch and porch rails?

I live in a 1930's cap cod style home that has a square cement porch with 3 steps and not rails or cover. I'm wondering if who ever we decide to put a new roof on the house this summer can also put a roof over the porch, too? How hard is it to attach an awning(sp?) to vinyl siding and put rails on an existing concrete porch?


If you hire a "roofer" to re-shingle or install a metal roof, they generally are specialists and don't do carpentry. You'll want a carpenter or general contractor to build the porch roof and railing. They would certainly complete the porch roof, and depending on what's involved, may be willing to do the house roof too.


Local codes come into play with anything that is actually attached to the house. In my town the first thing they would look at would be the foundation and footing of that slab. My deck for instance, is on concrete tubes that only go down 3 1/2' Not the four they want, so I am not allowed to put a roof on it unless I have those redone.