Are paint stir sticks treated with chemicals? Is it safe to stir food with them?

I need some disposable wood stir sticks and paint paddles from the hardware store would be perfect. Would it be safe?


They are not food grade.

Spock (rhp)

not safe. they may splinter or lose splinters and you don't want those in food. my local dollar store has plenty bamboo/wood stirring spoons


If they haven't been used on paint and they don't have some store graphic embossed on them ("Courtesy of Lowe's" etc.), they're fine. But I hope this is an emergency measure and you don't make a habit of it.


There is some paint on them. Buy a wood spoon. Or cut off a small limb off of a tree and whittle what you want with a knife.


I don't think they have any kind of chemical, or anything on them. Seems like if they did it would effect the paint. I use those sticks for a number of things, including stirring BBQ sauce. I have been doing this for years. I'm still alive! (The wife says I,m a little off now and then) I don't think that's because of the sticks.

Jimmy C

They are not clean and would harbour germs and chemicals from the factory. SOmething plastic is much better.



Mr. Interesting

It MAY be safe, but I wouldn't do it. Just go to $0.99 store and get what you need, something made for food.


generally, they have only ink on them, and that stuff can be bad, but if plain and not printed, they're generally as safe as any wood utensil


they are not in plastic and so would be contaminated


This likely depends on the brand and where it came from. Chemicals could be used to preserve the wood for long durations while sitting in a store. There are more harmful chemicals in everyday products than you realize. I would not advise the use of paint sticks to handle food.