Can a soundproof room be built?

is it possible to hire someone to build a soundproof room? want one to keep out thunder in Florida or at least keep it down VERY VERY this at all possible?


Yes. I have done them for hospital Audiology units. It is difficult and expensive to do them for existing buildings, but not at all impossible. In the case of thunder, it's all about the bass.

Spock (rhp)

difficult but possible. you'll find that the windows transmit the boom, as well as under the door from the rest of the house


How much money do you have? $50? No. Half a million dollars? Yes.


I don’t know if it is possible to be completely silent, but my old hs music teacher found sound barriers that looked like foam waves and put them on the walls so other classes couldn’t hear us. I’m not sure how well it works against thunder because it is much louder


Yes it's possible to build a sound proof room. Recording studios have sound proof rooms and were you to learn what materials are used to build a sound proof room you can buy the materials and build the room yourself and not have to hire a carpenter or building contactor to build it for you.

Pearl L

anything is possible but it nnight also be expensive


Yep. A friend is building a soundproof house (with a soundproof room in it) Remove all the existing wallboard from a room. stuff the cavity with fiberglass. Add another wall inside the existing wall and not touching the outer wall. Offset the two walls by 8" so that the studs are not close stuff that wall with fiberglass.. Build a new ceiling not touching the existing ceiling stuff both with fiberglass. Put sound channel on the studs of the inner wall. Hang tile baker board on the sound channel. Should go a long way to reduce sound in the room...


Yes, but it will be hard unless you go subterranean. Thunder will still shake a concrete structure.


Sure. There are acoustic rooms for home theaters, etc. All sorts of special materials and designs to eliminate noise. Now, the problem is that it requires more knowledge than someone will get the first time they do it. So, to get it done right, you have to hire it done and done by someone who knows acoustics. Like most of the sound of thunder comes through your windows.


There are many cost effective ways to dampen sound. Actually making a room sound proof is FAR out of a reasonable cost for your home. To effectively mute thunder, the key is to line the exterior was with something that doesn't readily transmit sound. Any irregular surface with help. Anything with mass that isn't rigid will help.


Your not trying to keep an abducted person in there are you?