Convert shower to a tub, drain in middle of walk in shower.?



there are plumbing supplies that will fit under the tub back to the drain hole

Dan B

Elevate the tub.

Jimmy C

It depends on the construction of the house. I moved a shower and redesignd my bathroom layout ocmpletely, but I have a crawlspace under the floor, so I was able to change all the plumbing for the drain underneath, and by opening the wall I was able to change all the plumbing for the pipes and taps.

Mr. Interesting

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Spock (rhp)

the "right way" to do this job is to remove the shower pan and then replace the drain connection as needed. Probably this is a job for a plumber anyway -- the shower doesn't have a connection for the tub's faucet, so the mixing valve will either have to be replaced or the faucet connection added -- both of which require opening up the wall and may require brazing new copper pipe. of course, you may discover that the shower pan sits directly atop the concrete slab of the house ... in which case your choices are to either raise up the tub enough to clear the required drain pipe or to open up the slab [break the concrete and cut the rebar inside] to redo the drain. Both have their drawbacks


You didn't say much about space available. Assuming you have room for a tub, it can be done. If the existing drain is not positioned where the drain for a tub would be located, it can most likely be moved. An alternative would be a custom built tub with the drain located to match the existing drain. Unless the drain is in concrete, I recommend moving the drain.


This is doable, you will likely need to remodel portions of the room including floor, walls, and plumbing in order to reroute and hook up to a newly installed tub.


I would like to convert a walk in/ roll in shower with drain in middle (all tile) to an acrylic bathtub. There is no crawl space, it is in a daylight basement. Any ideas? Thanks!

thomas f

Yes, some additional plumbing will be necessary beneath the tub, as you might imagine.