Could a foreign government hack into the US power grid and cause a massive blackout?

I read an article talking about how the US power grid is vulnerable and Russia could hack into it. Even if it's not Russia, how likely is it for this to happen? Theoretically, if the power went out across the country, we would have no defense and a country could nuke us. We'd probably have no idea who even did it.


Anything accessible to a network is hackable.


No, that is not a real concern, nor is the little scenario you have dreamed up, plausible.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Actual

Anything is possible but that is highly unlikely.


I would be more concerned about the power grid frying because we have so many gadgets that rely on it and more people are needing power as the years pass by.


its called dependency, like your gun you lose your ability as humans to survive, without your phone bank account your cushy life basic things like water are vulnerable, electricity satellite tracking look at 9/11 how absurdly easy it was for a bunch of kooks to commit such a strike why are you so paranoid because you do it to others so easily


Perhaps not a massive blackout, but anything that can be accessed can be hacked. And unfortunately the grid is connected sometimes on purpose and sometimes by mistake.


Sure, that is a known already. Google maps now show the grid, the high voltage lines and such on their pics. Not sure when they started to do that, they use to block them out. Now it would be easy for a group to target several areas and take it down.


The U.S. is more likely to cause harm to another country than the reverse. A lot of countries hack into U.S. government files, notably from eastern Europe. Why pick on Russia? They are trying to avoid confrontation and are trying to ameliorate problems the U.S. has inflamed.