How do I remove a cork backed coaster stuck to my wood table. Don t know how or why it is stuck?


Mr. Interesting

Depends upon what the table is made of. If it is wooden, you can use warm water to loosen the glue. Don't leave the water on the wood too long as the water will soak into the wood fibers and swell them (that's why you have coasters). You can be generous with the warm water, but time is both your friend and your enemy. Check every 30 seconds or so. As soon as possible, scrape away with the thinnest spatula or putty knife you have. Clean and dry area.

Dan B

I would try water. It's probably stuck due to spilled liquid that had sugar in it. Water will dissolve the sugar.

Spock (rhp)

assume it is food based "stickum" ... start with warm water around the edges and a metal spatula -- used gently. you may have to destroy the coaster


More than likely the cork is FUSED to the wood and you will need to refinish the table after PRYING the coaster off.


first, scrape off the cork as best you can, a wooden scraper or other such wooden utensil will be good, but if you're careful, you can use a metal scraper. You might try soaking it with water first. When you've got the cork off, then you have to figure out why it stuck, if it's just from spilled sweet drinks or something then soap and water will clean it up, eventually. If it was some kind of glue, try WD 40 on the glue residue, that takes off many types... if somebody glued it down on purpose or accident with super glue, then regular nail polish remover will work, it's basically just acetone which will remove super glue. If none of those work, I don't know what else you can try.