If dig up around the stump of a tree a few feet and then use a stump grinder, can you just grind the stump and roots into dirt?

I have two stumps that are a little over a foot wide from two Bradford Pear trees that were cut just nearly even with the ground. but if I dig around them really good, like down 2-3 feet around them. and expose good the remainder of the stump and roots . would it make sense to use a stump grinder to grind them down to DIRT as I want to plant trees in the SAME SPOTS. so would it make more sense to grind them to dirt or put some chains around the lateral roots of the stump and try to pull it out with a 4x4 truck ? why?


no but you can grind them into wood shaving/chips.


Your tree situation is a lot like your lawnmower problems. Maybe it’s time to hire a gardener.


You will end up with sawdust not dirt


yes depends on the tree to be planted in the same spot if it has a deep taproot, then pull out the stump