Is underfloor heating expensive?

I've found a one-bedroom flat to rent but it has complete underfloor electric heating with carpets in lounge, bedroom and hallway...which seems to defeat the object?! Is this type of heating efficient but expensive? (UK)


It's supposed to be the most efficient and provide the most even heating of all other types. The flat being carpeted won't make a difference.


I am sorry to say that the previous answerers have no clue. Electric heating costs exactly the same no matter in what form it is produced. So whether it is radiant, fanned or convected the cost is identical for the same room temperature achieved. There is no such thing as 'cost effective' as all electrical heating uses the same amount at the same price. Efficiency is also the same in whatever form it takes. So if you rent this place be prepared for hefty bills in cold weather. Much better to look for a place with gas central heating as this is the cheapest form of heating in the UK.


Cost effective and energy efficient to run. Lots of people are put off of underfloor heating because of its high installation price. However since underfloor heating gives the same heat output as radiators at a lower temperature, running costs are often much lower. This can actually make it cheaper in the long run. Can be very costly when it goes wrong - but as its rented, thats not your problem!