Question about dirty toilet water?

I clogged my toilet, and started trying to plunge it and unclog it. In the process, a splash of dirty water hit my eye. Is it is possible to get sick from your own grossness hitting your eye? After it happened I washed it out with water and tried drowning my eye in contact solution...


U will be fine


I think you will be ok, thank God you didn't have your mouth open.


You can, of course, get any infection if there is a pathogen in the water. In fact, it is not very scary, as love with them, it is unlikely you will become infected.

Aussie Devil

yes it is

Spock (rhp)

you've done what you can do ... now you wait to see what happens.


Just think for a second. The food you ate ...the raw worms and raw meat and spit on the hamburger served to you went into an acid wash in your stomach for 24 hours of processing or longer and now is coming out your butt. It is sterilized with acid. Killed every virus and bacteria in it. so is CLEAN. . In places where they are short on water they can brush their teeth with pss and also drink it as water if all around them is salt water, and survive. Gross is a mental thing only. Your mouth is way dirtier than your butt.

Pearl L

i would ask your doctor about it but if you have a good innnnune systenn it probably wont do anything, using contact solution nnight nnake it worse


It's probably no worse than a public swimming pool.


You are ok. Move on.