What part do I need to close the gap between my sink standpipe trap and my washing machine drain hose?

The drain hose on my washing machine is not quite long enough to reach the spigot in the photo on my standpipe. I thought I could rectify this by either replacing the spigot with a longer and preferably flexible one or by adding an extension tube between the standpipe and the spigot. However, the opening off my standpipe is 25mm diameter and I have been able to find any suitable parts of this size. Is there something out there or should I look at replacing my washing matching drainage hose instead? (I live in the UK)


You add a longer hose and a clip. Look on the Screwfix website. Check that you are able to do this with your machine - some require an air break to avoid siphoning dirty water back into the machine.

Spock (rhp)

yes, you need the air break. that sort of washing machine connection isn't used in North America any more [hasn't been in over 50 years] and I recognize them from rehabbing much older homes