What screws are these?

Anyone know what type of screws these are


Machine screws.

Bubba Gubbins

Fuzzy ones.

18 gibbs 20

Machine screws. You will need to measure the length, the diameter of the shaft and the threads per inch to find exact matches.


A bit clearer picture might have brought a better answer. As blurry as it is and without a view of the head machine screws are about as close as you;re going to get. Take them to your local hardware or home store and someone will be easily able to help you determine the size.

John Alden

Short ones.

Jim W

Semi-oval head machine screws. The size and thread is the deciding information for a more exact answer.

Jimmy C

Those are short blurry screws, probably used to hold the cover of an electical receptacle, or to hold the cover or back plate onto an electical appliance.