If you give someone an indoor plot plant, do you also give them the instructions how to care for it?

I've drowned one. Another is flourishing, but doesn't produce any flowers. I'm not incompetent. I have a plant which I had on my desk over 20 years ago. It now reaches the ceiling, but: I had the instructions!


Yes, instructions would be great! What type of plant is it? I have planted plot plants/seeds, i.e. alfalfa, clover, wheat... to attract wildlife, I have never heard of an indoor plot plant.

Anna E

At least let them know the name of the plant so they can look up care instructions online. I do know that some plants are easier to care for than other's. Many plants that need higher humidity do not do well inside. Some die if watered too much. Some are what I call "hard to kill" like Pothos, scheffelera, mother in law tongue, etc.