Should I pave a path in my backyard using paving bricks or stones, or make a path of individual stepping stones, like shale?



I would go with the stones or bricks. Stepping stones are not as nice looking and grass grows up between them looking raggy.


Go with a path. I tried the stepping stone method and never liked it.

Spock (rhp)

this is about the esthetics of the path and the performance in your yard. I used one inch round white stones with varying borders of multiple types. This because I put my paths through the low parts -- the places where rain created mud. The stones allow the water to seep into the ground and thus my boots/shoes/sandals at least stay clean, if not dry. {I put weed block cloth under the stones. Borders include natural tree roots, concrete edgers, concrete pavers, downed tree limbs, and landscape timbers -- it's a nice varied edge with each seeming appropriate to the area it borders. I use a leaf blower to clear the paths.}

heart o' gold

This depends on the feel or look you want it to have. Paving bricks are probably the easiest.


The bigger the rock, the less problem you will have with future dirt and grass getting into it. The easy way is to lay the pavers on top of the ground and then add some dirt around them to hold them in place. That will make the walkway slightly elevated and above the rainwater runoff. Of course, one big rock in the form of a reinforced concrete sidewalk is best. Since the grass and weeds are going to grow, don't use a design where that will appear to be unintended (like having the stones butted against each other). So put some space and dirt between the stones mow the grass.


I suggest not using shale because when shale is wet, one is more likely to slip and fall as the shale is very slick when wet. Use paving pricks and make them into a pattern rather than square as it's more attractive when in a pattern.