What kind if palm is this?



It definitely looks like a Mexican fan palm. I tried growing one here in Tennessee one time. I covered it in a ton of mulch every year and threw blankets on it in extreme cold. It survived about 3 winters and died, I assume from a combination of the cold but probably mostly from rotting away from water and moisture getting in it's crown and freezing. I don't think it could handle all the excess moisture trapped in it. Needle palms do much better here. I have one that has survived about 10 years here with minimal protection although it's growth is rather stunted. A little bit off topic I know I like to ramble.


Washingtonia robusta - aka Cotton Palm or Fan Palm


Some variety of Washingtonia fan palm, probably. Hard to tell at this age. Mexican fan, California fan. Very prolific, and grow like weeds from bird droppings.