What kind of plant is this?

Just bought it from home depot today, its labeled as a bonsai tree but nothing very specific. If you know its real name that would be amazing! Thanks!


It looks like a desert rose (adenium obesum). I have several but not one with variegated leaves. Desert roses get beautiful blooms on them. They are often trimmed as you would bonsais.

heart o' gold

Maybe a variegated leaf ficus. They are often bonsaied.


I wouldn’t call that a bonsai tree. It looks as if someone has taken an Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Gilt Edge' left the roots exposed and plonked it in a pot. It’s a shrub, and appears not to have been trained or shaped in any way. Personally I’d ask for your money back and buy a proper bonsai (which aren’t cheap).