Where can I find a planter with a handle?

I have a cactus and have had him in the planter I bought him in for over a year now. He's beginning to show some shrinkage and I'd like to replace his pot. The only problem is his current pot comes with a handle, which is incredibly helpful because he is a cactus. I've done a shallow search for one, but thought I would ask here, if anyone knows of a place where I can buy a medium to small (bigger than 2") pot with a handle.


Try googling "plant pot with handle". There are many vanities available. Or ask your garden centre.


If you buy a plastic pot you can easily make handles yourself. If you have a drill or know someone who does, drill two holes on each side of the pot, purchase nylon rope or some other type of rope, and then cut the length for the handle size you want, thread one end through the hole, tied a knot at the end so it won't pulled through the hole, and do the same with the other holes. hope this helps.