Which pomegranate variety should I choose for a pollinator?

I already have a Russian Red pomegranate tree that is doing very well, but I am trying to find a good plant to cross pollinate with to increase my fruit yield. The local nursery carries: Garnet Sash, Kandahar Early, Texas Pink, Parfianka, Pink Satin, Sharp Velvet, and Wonderful. I am leaning towards either Parfianka or Texas Pink, with a slight preference for Parfianka. I've ruled out getting a Wonderful tree because it's fruit is readily available at the grocery store. Before I decide I would like to hear some other people's inputs. So please tell me which variety you would pick and why. Thank you! :)


Wonderful is the old standard and is the most vigorous of them. If you are going to plant a pomegranate, plant it in a flower bed. It is a very multi trunk bush and will be a grass problem deluxe. They are made for dry areas where grass is not a problem. Now, if you want to give up on trying to grow a fruit and have a flower bed and want to grow a flowering bush, find some dwarf pomegranates. They are hard to find. But they love hot sun, and will make the most gorgeous orange carnation type bloom that you will ever see. Second only to roses. And azaleas during that week. The dwarf does not make fruit, only flowers. And all pomegranates will get fungus, so they have to grow hot and dry. Check your neighborhood and find a pomegranate. If you can't find one, that should tell you something. Generally, they grow about 5 years and die and you will get 2 fruit off of it about the 2 and 3rd year. So don't go crazy on pomegranates, unless it is a dwarf and flowers, no fruit and you have a full sun hot spot to plant them. A dwarf in the right spot is about 5 feet. You cannot prune it like a hedge. It is a permanent plant in the right spot.