Will someone please help me identify this succulent plant?

Will someone please help me identify this succulent plant? It's loosing leaves and we need some care advice.


In is a jade plant (Crassula ovata) and one that is not "happy" But it has been around a long time. Here is one that is "happy" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crassula_ovata#/media/File:A_40_year_old_jade_plant_(Crassula_ovata).jpg It is easy to start a few new ones from stem cuttings.

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Looks like a Crassula, hard to be sure of exact species. That is an outdoor succulent. It will not be happy indoors without being in a super sunny window. If you have it indoors in the winter, it needs a super sunny window and be kept fairly dry. This is not a plant that will be very happy indoors. These grow VERY slowly so if you cut it back hard, like one person suggested, the plant will take a very very long time to grow back. I would not do much more cutting than to remove dead or leggy growth and to shape it. I have a MONSTER one of these in my back yard that has been there for 30 years according to the neighbor who gave the plant to previous tenants of the house that long ago. I cut it back and rooted all the cuttings on clay pots, they have grown very little since I did that over a year ago.


Kalanchoe blossfeldiana prune hard and place in full sun


It is likely suffering from root rot. Put it an area with a LOT of sunlight. Do NOT water until the soil is very very dry to the bottom of the pot.


ive seen those before but dont know the name ...thats a good sized plant and i see its in a container, if its been there for a long time it may be bound up, it might need a new larger pot and fresh good soil ...


Throw it away and start over again from scratch with another plant