Can someone sue me for knocking on the door and asking for electricity?

Hello everyone i just wanted to ask this question because earlier today when i was at work me and my dad were fixing the siding for some condos and my dad knocked on a tenants door asking if he can use some of there electricity so we can use our power tools and out of no where this lady starts being rude saying shes going to put complaint on him. can she do anything just cuz we asked for electricity??


No of course not. Tell your dad to buy cordless tools.


Your dad needs to buy a generator or a compressor.


It's America! You can sue for just about anything!

John P

What a strange idea, to beg for electricity from somebody you don't know! That electricity costs that person money. And a cable will be needed to run the electricity elsewhere, thus leaving that property less secure while the cable is in place. Indeed you can "ask" and maybe even offer a few dollars for the electricity, but if the person refuses then back off straight away. I find it hard to see your logic in feeling that you were badly treated.


No they can't. You asked a straightforward question and they answered it.


She certainly can make a complaint to the condo board, but I would imagine that a person like that has made plenty of complaints and the condo board is well acquainted with her, so they'll probably just roll their eyes after she leaves. That's not a lawsuit, that's just a complaint. If you and your dad were doing work for the condos, arrangements should have been made for electricity beforehand, though in this day, a lot of professionals use cordless tools for small jobs or bring a generator to avoid such problems. Looking at it from her side, she already pays what is probably a ridiculous amount of money in Homeowner Association fees to the condo office and she shouldn't have to foot the bill for condo repairs out of her pocket, which is what she would be doing if she let you tap into her electricity. Would I have let you use my electricity? No, but I would have been nicer about it and probably directed you to a source (usually in the garages or a community house) that the condo office foots the bill for.


a complaint and a lawsuit are not the same. she might put in a complaint to the owner/manager of the condos. but it is not equivalent to a lawsuit, that would be handled in court.

Mr. P

Maybe negotiate where you will get power before you start the job next time.


Time to invest in a small power generator. Then she can complain about the noise, and you can let her make the choice. Within the world, there is a consistent amount of dissatisfaction anytime anything is done. You just have to learn how to be good enough to keep it to a tolerable level and accept what level you do get. The expression "It goes with the job." seems to fit. Imagine being President.


NOT sue you but they can tell you NO.


she's way off base. btw, it is landlord's responsibility to provide power for your job, not hers. slip the owner who helps you a fiver and all will be good


No she cannot asking for something is not a crime stealing it is the lady is out of her mind and will most likely be laughed out if she does complain you should ask the manager where to get electricity idk why they sent you out on a job without knowing that smh some employers

Big Mike


18 gibbs 20

No, she's just a cranky old bat.


She wouldn't be able to sue and win for knocking on the door and asking for electricity she has no cause of action, all she can probably do is make a complaint to the person that hired you that you asked for electricity, which is not going to get you into any trouble.

elhigh: Can she sue you

Can she sue you: of course. Will she win the suit: of course not. Any judge worth her space on the bench will take one look at the case and throw it so far out of court it may never land. And then she'll tear the lady's lawyer a new one for even taking the case.


Very unprofessional of him.

the cheese whisperer

Did he go to the Electrical College?


Pay her a little, then maybe she won't be cranky.


what a stupid question

Spock (rhp)

she's way off base. btw, it is landlord's responsibility to provide power for your job, not hers. slip the owner who helps you a fiver and all will be good


No, she can't. She's just a creep.