I have an older power drill and shocked that it doesn't have a reverse switch? Can't find a manual online. Drill bit is stuck. Now what?

Is this common for older models? Are new models this way? I have another power drill that't just as old, and it has a reverse switch. Both are black and decker. Was this common 30 years ago? I can't believe they were made without including one. I keep wondering if it has one, I just can't see it anywhere. Can't find an owner's manual online or any discussion of it, model U-202-5. Id like to confirm that I'm up a creek. If they can make one model with it knowing that bits get stuck, why not all


Use the chuck key to undo the bit? Otherwise vice grips as all ready stated in the case of drills with chuck keys once the bit is done up with the key you wont be able to hold the chuck to undo it if it had reverse anyway. If the drill isn't double insulated you shouldn't be using it anyway. Buy a battery drill unless you want to drill lots of big holes thru heavy gauge metal.


It uses a chuck with the key. The key can be used to reverse the chuck and release the drill bit.


Use a pair of vice grips and pull it out


Vise grips.


Get a drill motor with a reverse and chuck it on the bit.


30 years ago it was UNCOMMON for drills to reverse, and MOST used a 'chuck key' to secure or loosen the bit. Note: The drill is fine, your understanding of how to operate it is lacking.