My furnace humidifier is set on LOW but windows have condensation outdoor temp today is -10?



The window is chilled down to the point that ANY humidity in the air is being condensated onto the window. I wouldn't be surprised if the condensation freezes also at that outside temp.


What's your point? At temperatures that low, it almost doesn't matter how low the humidity is in your place. You're going to get condensation, or even frost, on the insides of your windows. And the humidifier set on LOW doesn't really mean anything - that's a setting, not an actual measurement of how humid your place is. if you've been boiling lots of pasta or doing laundry or the like, your humidity will spike.


Get better windows.

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As others have said - hard to avoid window condensation at those temps. While - in normal weather - relative humidity of 40 to 60% is comfortable, at -10 it should be kept down to 15-20% , , , which may not be possible. We had the same problem in our Ohio house when relying on the controls on the humidifier. Our HCAV company put a control up by our thermostat that allows us to dial-in the humidity we wish and the sensor is up there in our living space, not on the furnace. We have to stay a jump ahead of the weather fronts and adjust before they arrive. Even so, taking shower, cooking and such sometimes raise the humidity enough to get condensation . . . and we have good Anderson triple-glazed windows.


The heat in the inside air is attracted to cold from the windows. Moisture in the air collects on the window. This could exist without running your system, much like humidity collects on a coke bottle. The less moisture in the air will help. Can humidifier be turned off? Possibly you have a failure on your humidifier.


No window is completely immune to this problem. Keep air flow going in the house to minimize any damage.


Get better windows.

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ya. the extreme cold is seeping thru the glass and water in the air is condensing on, or frosting on, the windows. this will disappear when the weather warms up -- there's nothing wrong and nothing you need do


Even though you have low humidity there is still some water molecules in the house air. When these molecules come into contact with the windows condensation occurs. If you don't want the condensation lower the interior temperature to that of the outside.