My Propane lines flared end snapped off?

Im running propane for the winter. The line from my tank broke off at the fitting going inside my wall. The line is still good but the flared end is no longer there. Im not concerend about losing propane because i will fix my line properly tomorrow. Can i run the line without the flared end or do i risk the line coming off and out of the backend of the fitting due to any pressure? Also would i have to worry about air traveling into the line and into my heater Basically how unsafe or safe would it be to hook the line up without the flar


The connection in your line will not seal without the flare. The flare is an old style tubing connection and requires a flaring tool. It requires more skill than other connections. So call the propane man to fix this line using a new flare. As for air in the line, just purge it out. Open your gas taps and let them flow a couple of minutes. Then light them. If there is some air you will get some yellow. Eventually it will turn back to blue.

Spock (rhp)

the flare is critical to preventing leaking. you need a flare tool to make a new one. AND, you need to wait until temperatures are back in the normal range or risk breaking the line while trying to use the flare tool


Id be worried about the leaking gas igniting ? If your going to do the dodgie spray soapy water on it to prove its not leaking if the pressure is going to pop it off that will happen as soon as you turn it on.


It will not seal properly without the flare, either replace the line or, if it is copper. Go pick up a flare tool.


"If you have to ask..." This is one of those questions that reveal a lack of expertise that is sufficient to cause trouble. Or (seeing that we are talking about a probably gas leak) a major calamity. Drove along a major route in a local city about ten years ago and noticed a 150-foot-high flame at the intersection of two streets. A contractor had smashed open a gas line and it caught fire. You might best avoid that sort of scenario. Hire a professional gas fitter, or ask your local propane supplier what you should have them do.

heart o' gold

I would not run this til it was fixed and inspected by a professional. Propane issues can kill you or burn your house down.

Richard D

You couldn't do that at all. It would not seal. All the propane would escape


You can buy a simple flare tool just about anywhere (cheap)...Takes 2 minutes to flare the end...Meijer's is open 24 hours...If there is no flare end I can guarantee its leaking...


Im not concerend about losing propane because i will fix my line properly tomorrow. You ALREADY LOST the propane through the open line. You CAN'T repair the line without either totally changing the type of connection, or replacing in with the SAME connection you had before.