Neighbors construction causing flooding?

My neighbor is building a garage. he raise the foundation about 5-6" and poured concrete. Our street has a small slope and my house is at the end. I had never had any issues with flooding in 7 years. Once they lifted the foundation my backyard gets flooded every time it rains, my crawl space has been flooded and now my house is starting to smell rancid. They also had to remove a tree, they just pulled it out and the roots lifted the concrete pad under my AC unit, leaving a hole underneath. My biggest concern is that I have a child on life support equipment and any mold will make me have to leave my house. What can I do? I live in texas


Any other state and I would have said go to court, but in texas its customary to shoot them,


This is what code enforcers are for! Call your local building department and have them handle it! This was not your doing and someone has to be held liable. Also, this would prove to be a problem for you to sell the house because nobody would want it! Don't just sit around thinking it will get better. CALL!

Spock (rhp)

move. with your chld's health issues, move and quickly -- the time and trouble to try and sort this house out just isn't worth the risk