What are my choices if a market employee physically shoves me out the door of the store because my umbrella was dripping water on the floor?



Report that person to the store manager. That's all you can do.

Spock (rhp)

leave your 'brolly outside or shop elsewhere


Why do I feel there's more to the story? *Later: Thank you, Derek, for enlightening me with your comment. You admit to arrogantly shaking the water off your umbrella, inside the store, before you turned around and walked back outside, where I presume it's still raining. If you can't see the problem with that and why it angered the employee, then you've got your head up your heiney. Grow up.


Report that person to the store manager. That's all you can do.


you have the choice to shop elsewhere


YOUR choices? Really? You want to drip water all over a floor and possibly someone slipping and falling? USE YOUR BRAIN! Shake the water, off of your umbrella, BEFORE entering any building.


You place your umbrella in the umbrella rack outside. You do not take them into the store. Very impolite of you. What are you a tourist or something here.


First, apologize... AND clean up the mess you made. THEN, if you think it is appropriate, tell the employee (or his/her manager) that you didn't appreciate being shoved, and would have preferred the employee simply told you that were making a mess (since, apparently, you didn't figure that out yourself).


Shoved is in physically? You shove back. Shoved as in verbally? You go to another store.