What do you do about products with 'quirks' in it?

Like I have a vacuum cleaner I just recently bought. The trap door holding the hepa filter keeps coming loose and both the trap door and hepa would keep falling out of the vacuum cleaner intermittently. It would come by surprise I would turn the vacuum cleaner on and it would be louder than usual and the trap door and hepa would be missing and I would find it in the hallway where it had dropped out. I went online and found this to be just a 'design flaw' and there isn't any resolution that the company has for remedying it. When you by a product that has 'quirks' like this what should you do?


You could either return it as faulty or be pragmatic about it and simply tape the trap door closed.


crappy stuff you do not find out about till you try using them,after prying the dam plastic off with garden shears a walgreens bought hearing pad,piece of crap has built in autoshutoff after 2 hrs use,because a few idiot no brains burn them selves or burn the kid because of idiots who ought to have the breeding license yanked. vacuums. most of them end up put out in the alley because of early breakdown,difficulty & messiness in cleaning sinks & stoppers sold in big box stores,stoppers do not stop when you yank the built in non working steel/aluminum levered in the back that does not work to stop overflow,,piece of crap, snow shovels,most are plastic wrap over thin sheet metal that bends & breaks after a few moderate snowfalls,,made in china stoves & fridges that look like nice durable,shiny stainless steel with a cold water dispenser that crap out after a couple or a few years, 900 bucks for a pair,they deliver them 'free',,,,,,,,out in the alley on 2-3 years, nice looking cabinet door shiny new brass hinges stupid things are packed with head break off easy nub screws,,useless crap. squirt soap bottles,the sealer cap breaks off. solution? buy used in thrift shops..old is gold,60 year old fridges that still frige,stoves with steel burner pipes,knobs,oven doors that still close snug. even small stoves still fit the bill for making food for your brood of chicadees.


Return to store. Write the company.

Spock (rhp)

if it is within the return period, i'd return it and get a different brand instead. companies need to have consequences for things like this. if it no longer is returnable, add a piece of 5cm clear packing tape to the door where it comes unlatched. but be sure to review the item online and give it a poor grade


My wife might try to return it, i would figure out a fix.


I bought an expensive vacuum and one feature on it failed after one month! I returned it to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got a refund, they do refunds on any product, doesn't matter when you bought it.


You throw it away and get a cheapo upright bagged Hoover. They are cheap, they work and they are simple to use. Mine has been working since 1992. Yes, 1992.


I'd put it in my school bus.