Can I grow hemp?

So I live in a place where weed is illegal and I plan on growing weed later on in life but tight now as practice is it legal to grow hemp now that the farm bill is passed (not concerned with opinions about weed for those concerned I'm 19 live in an apartment my job prevents me from smoking weed) just looking to get a headstart on growing


depends on if its legal or not


hemp that is not the smoking kind is different than the hemp with thc in it. Can you grow it? I don't know. do you have land to grow it? Do have the means to till the land and seed it, the money for the seeds, etc? use google to see if its legal to grow in your area. You never mentioned where you live or even what country you live in so its hard to give you advice.

Pearl L

depends on if its legal or not


Marijuana laws are silly. Did the people who passed them actually expect people to follow them? Don’t they just make you want to blow a big cloud of pot smoke in their faces? If they actually got stoned, maybe they’d see just how silly their laws are.


Finish your COLLEGE education. A degree in any SCIENCE or ENGINEERING major would be very helpful. You still have a long life ahead of you. You sound like you do not have the slightest clue if you are not trolling.