How do I get rid of rats in basement ceiling? At night I hear them running around. How can I get rid of them without a exterminator?

At night I hear rats running around in my basement ceiling. How can I get ride of them without a exterminator?


rat bait

Aussie Devil

rat bait

Ron Akia

You could use D Con or a similar trap although I'd advise against it due to the fact that when they start dying in the ceiling they'll stink the whole house up until their bodies decompose. That'll be real nasty. I'd suggest you hire a professional to do it.

Jerry S

D-Con or rat traps.


Rat traps would help, bait them with peanut butter. You will also need to find out how they are entering the building & block off their access. I do suggest you hire an exterminator.


A cat. Make that cats.


Set traps or put out poison. If they smell it they'll come out to get it.


Try sleeping in a different room with earplugs.

heart o' gold

Traps. If you poison them they will die up there and stink.


Put down poison.

Spock (rhp)

1. moth balls will drive them out. 2. you have to close up where they're getting in after they've left, or they'll be back.

Free Advice

poison wax

Warren G

you can buy traps from a hardware store

Donnie Porko

Spray some perfume or cologne where you think the rats are hiding. The perfume stresses them out because it smells like cat urine.

Donald K

Why get rid of rats? They re so cute!