How long can you expect a new coffee machine to last? And what are the best ones?



If you bought something cheap, just use it. Throw it away when it breaks. Buy the simple ones with just an off/on switch. My Mr. Coffee cheapo coffeemaker (no digital bs) is over 20 years old.


The best coffee maker is the original 4 cup Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker. I think it was the coffee maker that started it all, and the guys that designed it made it perfect so that people would change and buy it and pay the extra cost for a paper filter. After a few years, the coffee maker designers decided that to keep selling coffee pots, they had to make them worse and that is what you have now. Dozens of poorly designed coffee makers of different brands with lots of bell and whistles, and they all stay away from the features and simple design of the original that made it so good. We are on about our 3 or 4th one, and hope Mr. Coffee will come back with the original design for a 50th anniversary. The problem with the originals is that the bottom will eventually rust away.


Well are you making one cup a say or 20???


A couple of years