How to tell if someone has been in your home when you were not home?

One example I can think of is looking at daily usage of electricity Any more examples?


First - I don't think the electric bill is going to prove anything! It's not like someone's going to break in and bake a ham or a turkey. Second - If your home is so cluttered that you can't tell immediately that something has been moved, clean it up! As far as figuring it out after the fact, ask your neighbors!

heart o' gold

I have a family member who used to sneak into my home on a regular basis. I started leaving markers that would get moved so I’d know when she’d been in the house. You can use bits of matches, hairs, coins that you close in the door that will fall when the door is opened. I wish that the hidden cameras that are so common now had been around then, I would love to have shown her videos of her doing the stuff she always denied.


You should have a suspicion of who and why. Look at the beds.


The 65 inch TV and the iMac are gone and there is nothing in the fridge. And there will be a very large phone bill.

Nuff Sed

The motion-sensor cameras would pop up on the screen when replaying the DVR recording, and I'd get a good look at them from several angles, starting with the driveway or the back fence.

Jerry S

ask your neighbors.


Camera traps, CCTV, nosy neighbours.


Get a hidden motion sensor camera