What are the top 5 upgrades to make in a house, that would most increase the value of it, and sell it quicker, when you sell it? Please be?

specific, please don't just say things like Kitchen, bathroom etc. For example, what Specific part of the kitchen is the best upgrade? what Specific part of the bathroom is the best upgrade? What Specific part of the bedroom is the best upgrade? AND what Specific part of the curb appeal is the best upgrade? Thank you for this Important Information.


There are NO hard and fast rules on this. If the house is in a declining neighborhood, you are NEVER going to get your money back, ever. Been there, done that. It depends on home values in that particular neighborhood.


When I sold my house, I had the kitchen and bathrooms updated. In the kitchen I re-did the backsplash since I already had granite countertops, re-did the floor, and upgraded the cabinets. It was already a neutral color so I didn't paint it. In the bathrooms, I upgraded the sink and storage cabinet and repainted and cleaned. With respect to curb appeal, the outside should be neat and tidy, preferably have some color and life to it (so...potted plants on the porch or front step, a nice color on the door, no junk anywhere...). Top 5 cosmetic upgrades I'd say would be countertops, floors, paint, fixtures, and cabinetry. I sold my house the day it was listed...for full asking price.


People want modern kitchens and bathrooms But before u spend all that money. You might be better just to lower the price . Ur best to get a good agent and he or she will tell you where u should spend the money on to help the sale

Spock (rhp)

depends on if you're doing the work yourself or hiring it done. used, dead carpet is a price killer. laminate is easily installed by the DIY capable person and will pay for itself if done that way. most other upgrades won't pay for themselves unless you can do the labor part yourself. [Paint, for example.] that said, old, tatty window treatments are best removed entirely. Buyers can get ones to their liking. Direct damage such as breakins has to be repaired. And houses with leaking roofs just won't sell for a decent price.


Water pump, AC ,