Where to put the toilet plunger after using it?

do i just put it back on the floor after it was in the toilet and probably got contaminated with poop?


no, don't set the nasty plunger on the floor!! after you clear your toilet, flush a couple times to get somewhat cleaner water. then add bleach or toilet cleaner to the water in the bowl. rinse the plunger in the bowl, then flush again to rinse the plunger in clean water. then set the plunger in a container. i use a cute plastic bucket i found at the $$$ store for about $3. if you want to go even cheaper then cut the upper part out of a bleach bottle, leaving the handle. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/425449496019211899/

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Rinse in toilet bowl. Place loosely in plastic shopping sack next to toilet or in cupboard/closet. When dry, you may decide to dispose of the plastic sack.

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There happens to be holders at WALMART, and one may have to invest in a plunger and container....or find a small plastic container that fits your plunger to sit it in... May I give a hint to others......using ridex…...often helps keeping the stool issues down and allows for better flushing...…...good luck


you a time traveler from mongolia? sheezuss,,,,,hose it with the tub sprayer place when clean in a plastic thing costing 3 bucks from a drugstore

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Wash it off, you should have a sink or tub/shower nearby then put it back.


Put it on top your head

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Keep it in a separate bowel with the rest of the dirty stuff


I have a little bucket that they fit in/store away in, just for that reason.


Rinse with hot water, let air dry, put it back in closet.


I rinse it out and then put it in the bathtub to dry before putting it back on the floor behind the toilet. Keep in mind you rinse the plunger in the toilet bowl.


Leave it on ur backyard


Toilet plunger? I've not seen one of those FOR YEARS. I have a toilet brush that fits into its own container. If you're having to use a loo plunger you could have a problem with the drains. Retired plumber. ;-)


just clean it up first before you put it on the floor


Poop on it again.


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