My friend has become a recluse. How do I handle her?

My friend has stopped going to school and only talks to her online boyfriend 27/7. She has been diagnosed with depression and has been given anti-depressants but doesn't take them. To combat this she has started to self medicate by smoking weed. Should I try and find a way to help her or should I drop her?

Judy & Charlie

When faced with a problem like this, I like to speak the truth one time and if they don't accept it and work on straightening themselves out, then I drop them. I can't fix them and I don't want to. Your friend should know that smoking weed will actually exacerbate (make worse) her clinical depression and when she refuses to be compliant with taking her prescribed medication to correct her disease, then she CHOOSES to be sick. And when she CHOOSES to be sick, then someone is enabling her to do so. No one cares for her or about her and I would tell her's obvious. the American Medical Association has declared that depression is a disease and like any other disease it responds well to medications and therapies. And like any other disease, it can be terminal if left untreated or under treated. this situation is the same as if your friend had diabetes and chose not to take her insulin and ate birthday cake for all three meals's just a matter of time until her disease gets worse. And that's her choice.


Try to help her. If she is depressed, the last thing she needs right now is for you to drop her.