Why do some death penalty opponents claim that killing murderers makes us murderers as well but don't apply that logic to kidnapping?

Wouldn't jailing and sending kidnappers to a prison to serve out a sentence make us kidnappers as well by that logic?


"Wouldn't jailing and sending kidnappers to a prison to serve out a sentence make us kidnappers as well by that logic?" Not at all. Victims of kidnapping are unaware that they are going to be kidnapped. It's a SURPRISE. Punishing criminals by putting them in jail is not a SURPRISE. It's a well-published and widely known fact that jail time is the consequence for engaging in certain behaviors. People have control over whether they go to jail or not by choosing whether to behave appropriately or not.


The ORIGINAL purpose of the death penalty was to protect we law-abiding citizens from MONSTERS & MURDERERS, but the 'bleeding-heart liberals' have now gotten MORE legal rights for the murderers then their victims HAD ...................


I am not a supporter of capital punishment but every once in a while, some callous psycho always manages to put that to the test with their heinous criminal actions. Fortunately, those people are often dealt justice on the inside of prison by inmates who have children and have their own code of justice.


We kill a lot of innocent people. That is the argument. Now go spin that.


So if someone gets a DUI we should make them get drunk as punishment?

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The justice of usa is weird,One master can destroy the life of millions and he and the corporation can mess around?

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Death penalty opponents are very similar to gun nuts and anti-abortionists. They have an unshakable belief and won't listen to reason.


Often people who oppose the death penalty resort to emotive, illogical arguments to try and debate their case. They think that relying on emotions and feelings will elicit some kind of sympathy for the people who have committed the worst possible crimes. There is no logic behind their arguments.


We should kidnap kidnappers then.