Can I just pick up my package on the post office the same day they were supposed to redeliver my package?

Yesterday, I scheduled a redelivery for today, but the package didn't arrive today. The question is, since it didn't arrive, can I just go to the post office(the location is in the note left by the carrier) to pick it up the same day they failed to redeliver it?


Nope because on that day it is probably out with the local carrier to be delivered You need to make arraignment with the post office to hold the package there if you want to pick it up .


Yeah, you can, but they'll probably be pretty rude about it (which isn't unusual for the postal service) it'll be a hassle for them to find if it's in the redelivery pile as opposed to the pick up pile, plus it might take some time because they'll need to locate it but honestly in my experience it's just better to pick it up than to trust them to redeliver it