History World War II questions?

1. The Guadalcanal Campaign was a series of small battles and is an example of the US tactic known as ____________ ____________. 2. Prior to ______________, the US was able to crack the Japanese code and preempt an attack by the Japanese and destroy much of their fleet. This is widely viewed as a turning point in the war without Japan. 3. What created tensions between the United States and Japan prior to World War II? 4. Why was it viewed as a mistake for the Japanese to continue making advances in the Pacific? 5. Why is Doolittle’s Raid considered a moral victory for the United States?


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1 Island hopping 2 Battle of Midway 3 Trade. It's always trade. Specifically, oil embargoes. 4 Extended supply lines always cause problems 5 It was the first attack on the Japanese home islands. It showed that the Japanese people were exposed to attack.