How come Iron Maiden's song has a negative view on Vikings?

In the song "invaders", the lyrics says the Saxons and Vikings were "enemies". Did they even read a wink of their own history? Actually, Saxons and Vikings were the same ethnic cultures. The Saxons originally came from Denmark. So how could we have any conflict? In fact, King Harold of England and Lord Gunthrum of Denmark joined forces to create an elite Super-Saxon army! My ancestors were NOT "monsterous, savage barbarians" as most media claims. I am so sick of shame and resent over my Viking/Saxon heritage.


The first recorded Viking raid in history took place at Lindisfarne in the 8th Century and subsequent raids on settlements in the North of England played out in a fashion that very closely resembles what happens in the lyrics. The band wasn't shaming Vikings, they were creating a song. Quit looking for excuses to complain about nothing.


"My ancestors were NOT "monsterous, savage barbarians" I beg to differ and its seems Iron Maiden in this song also disagrees. Around the end of the 8th century, Anglo-Saxon history tells of many Viking raids. These marked the start of a long struggle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings for control of Britain.



mr. mojorisin

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Its song lyrics. Nothing more than words.


The hate always comes from the people who won. Then they can say whatever they want. Only ignorant people will believe every word they say is true. If you do research you’d find most of it to be false probably. All people back in the day were crazy like that.

Professor Scrotenhauser

I think that the problem here is that Bruce Dixon is a practitioner of Heavy Mental not a historian, whatever he may think. He is the lead singer of the Iron Maidens, not Simon Schama. I will point your attention to another song by the Iron Maidens, named Quest For Fire , which erroneously suggests that cavemen and dinosaurs existed in the same time period. Heavy Mental bands should really stick to their areas of expertise , which I understand are rocking all night (whatever that may mean), "wacky baccy" , and more rocking. If they wish to delve into history for their source material they would be best advised to employ the services of a qualified historian. I understand that Bruce Dixon is now an airline pilot which I find a little unnerving. I would hope that he is better qualified for this role than he is for recounting history, although I wouldn t be sure. I think I would think twice before choosing to ride on a plane piloted by Mr Dixon. To summarise I think this is a clear example of why people should not comment in public on matters in which they have only limited knowledge.