Is Idris Elba considered English?

The English are Anglo-Saxons from medieval times. Idris is not from them. I am n Anglo-Saxon from America and I am more English because I come from the ancient Saxon race. Just going by history facts and common sense.

Jimmy C

He was born in London, so that makes him English. Americans are completely different.


No. He is a citizen of England but he is not English. English people, it turns out, are white, just as the Bantu are black, just as the Japanese are Japanese. If I move to Japan and marry and have kids with a Japanese woman, neither me nor my kids will be considered Japanese. Only countries that have been visited by the disease of neo Marxism (i.e. white countries) are expected to divorce racial identity from national identity and to pretend that anyone and anyone can become English, Swedish, German, etc.. Mr. Elba may very well be a very nice and honest man, but he is not English.


Perhaps an English citizen, but not English ethnically. This is why it is frustrating when some people say that Israelites are "all colors", etc. when information comes out that the Israelites were a BLACK PEOPLE. Sure, people can graft themselves in (become citizens, if you will), but ethnically, Israelites are understood to be a black nation.


By whom?


Simple... he is English by nationality, but not by ethnicity/ancestry.


. Idris Elba’s home nationality and cultural ethnicity is English. He is more mentally English than you because he is actually from England. Anglo-Saxon is not a race or subrace. Your ancestors’ origin and racial appearance are European descent. .


Anglo Saxons in America are extinct since late 1800s

Whites went to space first

Ethnically English, no. Non whites will deny it though.


Yes. Typical English gentleman, in my opinion. The English were a mix of native Britons, Celts and Romans before the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes went there. These tribes were from the region where today are the Netherlands, Northern Germany and Denmark. You are such a troll or just a confused American kid. Please read: I hope I helped.


The Anglo-Saxons came from Central Europe, mostly Germany and France, and a mixture of Nordic. The original Brits were dark skinned, like Elba. He is probably more British than some pasty white guy.