Please help. Missing, scammed, or mistake? My package shows delivered but I havent received?

So about 2 weeks ago I purchased some activated charcoal from blkdiamond that I saw on Facebook. I never received and order number, email or receipt. I contacted them via Facebook and they provided a tracking number and I checked. It shows it was delivered 5 days ago. What do I do?


Need to call the company that delivered it.

ron h

It's possible it went to the wrong place, but if any delivery shows it's delivered, it's likely it was stolen from you steps.


I've been there. You'll need to contact the carrier and let them investigate, if its ups or FedEx they'll be able to find it and probably get it back like they did with me. If it's the USPS then good luck those people are usually no help at all but I would still try.