Why dont city buses give change ? Is it like giving a tip or helps make up for discounted rides?


Smokies Hiker

Making change for riders would take time away from the drivers next destination. If you rider daily, then you know to either have the correct change or use a monthly pass.


City transit districts and private bus companies don't want their drivers robbed. First and foremost, that exposes drivers to unneeded danger. Anybody with an actual soul is going to avoid that. Second, while the money that might be stolen is small spuds, the cost of settling a lawsuit from a bereaved family member is enough to daunt even the most soulless of those you sometimes find at the tops of organizations.

SSP Bowl Dude

Time consuming


They drive a bus. They aren't cashiers. I took buses in NY in the 70s and 80s and they didn't offer change back then either.

Enough Trolls

Partly to avoid staff handling money and partly to speed up theprocess.

Andy T

No time. Thought about that?


they don`t want to be robbed so have exact change


They usually offer cards with a value that will deduct the correct value when used or worth a fixed number of rides. If you use the bus often, you should look into that.

Gateway Unlimited

Does anyone have change for a dollar? That always work


Scotland do not do this.


It is not efficient for drivers to carry money for change any more.


Do you still use cash on your buses? In Australia we have pre purchased swipe cards. The Bus Drivers are not Cashiers.


Because they are cheap


they used to some year ago, the bus drivers had a change device on their belt clip and dispensed change and it was very fast,


i know!! its so stupid.... they already have the machine that counts the money u put in....why cant it just spit some out lol

Pearl L

they probably just dont carry change around


Possibly OCD.