Amanda Knox: Guilty or Not Guilty? of what? why? and why so many hated her?

I know why, she looked like the fake, prententious, selfish, American that so many hate over there right? but how true? she was at least sadistic and selfish enough to accuse her black employer over there of the crime, just because he had cut her hours for waitress. and she was so inconsiderate as to think it would be a funny, twisted sadistic "lesson" to him for her to accuse him of the crime? (knowing it wasn't true, but who cares, she was an AMERICAN, and it would be funny for her friends) I have been listening to 6 hrs. of her audio book. she sounds so innocent EXCEPT the part where she strangely changed her story all of a sudden under investigation, and why did her boyfriend say she had told him to lie for her and was different than her story?

I Hate Commerce

the best theory is that the black dude who gave them drugs killed the girl's roommate.


Should be hanged.

mR JiNgLeS

having nothing but a passing familiarity with the case and no knowledge of the details I say she's guilty and should hang.


Not guilt, never guilty, fake news nonsense. Rudi Guede an African immigrant to Italy, street person, petty criminal was quickly caught for the rape murder of the victim Meredith Kercher. He confessed, and left his DNA, fingerprints, bodily fluids all over the crime scene. He was tried, convicted, sentenced to 30 years (out in 16 since it's Europe). Amanda Knox or anyone else never had anything to do with it, that was just press/ media hype, tabloid trash, and Italy's corrupt justice system.


DGH is a danger to young boys under 12

Andrew the Mullin

She was a liar who tried to implicate an innocent man.