Did NY and VA pass laws that babies just born can be killed on the mother's say so?

Has no chance with the Supreme Court, but for a state Gov or official to even promote same is unbelievable and another southward march toward the cultural garbage dump!


Listen, do you even know what decision it is you're talking about? Herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection is extremely common in adults, including pregnant women. ... Failure to take the necessary precautions to prevent neonatal herpes is negligence and can have devastating effects on the baby, including neonatal herpes encephalitis, which can result in permanent brain damage (1). These babies are sometimes born with no top of the skull. No arms, no legs, no hope of even living a month. I personally think doctors should have the right to consult with the family of whoever, about any serious medical issue, and have euthanasia as an option.


No, don't believe everything you see on fox news.


No, they did not.



They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No You're just a complete fool/

Jacks Ans

If I've heard the News correctly (and I sincerely hope I haven't, I live in the UK) yes they can. We need help, and fast, because what kind of monsters would even contemplate passing such a law, never mind actually passing it.


this is the fantasy being circulated by the anti-abortion crowd. The new law in NYS states the mother's life if endangered is to be preserved even if that means sacrificing the fetus

Jerry S

i agree with Sam, do not believe everything you hear on Fox News.


NY did, but VA missed it by just one vote.........sad huh?