What do you think of the latest polls?

What do you think of the latest polls carried out that show 86% of people in Ireland want a 32 county Irish Republic? https://www.thejournal.ie/united-ireland-poll-4-4464297-Jan2019/ This is a current event and it's not breaking any guidelines


As time passes, I'd like to think that those in N.Ireland who want(ed) to remain in the United Kingdom currently, will die leaving a younger generation more likely to want to become an independent Eire. But of anywhere within the UK, old views re Protestants vs Roman Catholics, may be hard to get around. So a united Eire may well never happen. I find the resutl of that poll questionable.

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Obviously, a united Ireland has an inevitable feel to it. I think it would be the just thing to happen; yet, unification will be hard to achieve. A poll of all Ireland would be bound to get a high score in favour. What is the feeling in the North? Like it or not, the population of Northern Ireland does contain a great many who would be unwilling to leave the UK.