Has this past week convinced you why we don't trust the msm yet?



Yet? Never will

Tad Dubious

Nope. Never trusted "the msm."


Words have consequences. MSM should be crossing their fingers that nothing will happen to any of the maga kids from Covington, Kentucky.

United Plankton

the truly informed have known for years, and its nice to see some realizing that fact...Liberals still believe every lie the msm spooges into their faces

Philip H

The Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine has, over the last several days , supplied Loads of Proof they are overwhelmingly corrupt and engage in efforts to create social unrest, endangering the lives and property of Responsible Citizens. The only people not aware of that FACT are the fools who never connect with Reality.

Mad Luv

WTF is MSM? a news source i'm guessing.. and if you trust anything you see on tv news or not your just a foolish pawn in a larger game of chess than i thought! not that it's fake it just an opinion of one person or network. if you put all yoru ducks into one basket like anything it's not good. plus why go to MSM when i have yahoo answers. it's where i get my news from.